If you have an enquiry regarding Corona Virus please first visit

If you require a prescription ONLY please email us at [email protected]

Our receptionists no longer make appointments without an econsultation being completed first.

ALL patient requests and enquiries are now screened via an easy to use electronic consultation form called e-consult available on the website.

All patients needing contact with the surgery are required to complete an e-consultation FIRST on the website. Please complete an e-consultation rather than visiting us at the surgery or telephoning . We deal with BOTH administrative and medical queries via e-consultations.  This easy to use form is available 24 hours a day , 7 days a weekNo queries will be dealt with unless an e-consultation form is completed FIRST please.

However if your enquiry is a strict medical emergency that needs attention from a GP before 6.30pm the next working day you can telephone us and the team will screen your call.

If however patients have no internet access or nobody who can complete the form on their behalf then in these unusual circumstances our team can assist with completing an e-consultation. If this applies to you please be prepared to have what might be an extended wait on the telephone for your call to be answered and be ready to give a detailed explanation as to why you are unable to complete an e-consultation yourself or have someone complete it on your behalf.

For any patients stating they are unable to complete an e-consultation we screen your request, in order to prevent abuse of the system. The clinician will also discuss the reason you are unable to use e-consultations with you.  As you will appreciate, our team are very busy and we need to carefully screen callers in order to allocate NHS resources appropriately as we do not have the resources to assist those who can complete e-consultations themselves.

Completing an e-consultation means that the surgery team have the detailed information they require in order treating you in the most appropriate way. This means that the clinician is able to make a pre-informed decision and consider the most appropriate care for you.

Our team is working very hard to ensure that upon submission of your easy to use electronic contact form you will receive a response no later than 6.30pm the following WORKING day.

We request ALL contact be made via e-consultation via our website please in order we can process your enquiry within a timely manner.

Unfortunately we have seen a dramatic rise in the abuse of our team. We must politely emphasise that in line with NHS policy the Practice operates a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with regards to the abuse of any team member. There is no excuse. Patients may ultimately be removed from the Practice if there is any form of abuse towards any team member.

Thank you for your support during these challenging times, the whole team sincerely appreciate it.


If you need a prescription only please email us at  [email protected]


For anything else please complete an e-consultation, where you will receive a response no later than 6.30pm the following WORKING day.